Welcome to the 30 Plus Singles Club!

The purpose of the 30 Plus Singles Club Inc. is to organize social activities for single men and women who are thirty years of age or older.

We always welcome new singles to our Club. As long as you are single, separated, divorced or widowed and thirty (30) years of age or older, you may attend any of our functions. You do not need to be a member of our Club to come to our events, although there are many benefits if you were to become a member.

Ask any of our Executive Members or call our INFO Line (709-722-3060) for more information about becoming a member and the benefits involved.


The Club has 2 – 3 dances each month at various locations around the greater St. John’s area. Some of these will be theme dances, giving those that would like to, an opportunity to dress up.

BBQs and Dinners
We try to plan each month for a BBQ or dinner combined with a dance, although this can vary from month to month.

Beach Parties
During the months of July and August, we try to plan a couple of beach parties at either Topsail Beach or Middle Cove Beach.

Other Activities
Except for July and August, we have bowling on Wednesday nights. During the warmer months, we have walks in Bowring Park and in addition to that, we may plan some hikes on the East Coast Trails.